Tone correcting and preserving color treatment, keeps the RED TONE in bleached hair WHILE NOURISHING AND MOISTURIZING IT.


Reinforces color and tints strands tone by tone, eliminating any unwanted orange or yellow.  This unique and original formula will beautifully maintain color daily while nourishing, moisturizing and reconstructing hair damaged by chemical processes.

With Amino Acid Arginine, Vitamin E, Vitamin B5 Molecules,  Avocado and more.


Why do you need it?

All hair that is discolored and exposed to chemical processes suffers from deep damage, so Melrose concentrates on the recuperation and restoration processes. It reactivates the micro blood circulation, nourishing the capilary bulb, assisting in rehabilitating strands to make them more resistant, strong and healthy.  This will prevent breakage, reduce damaged and splits ends, stimulate cell regeneration and moisturize and nourish. 


How to Use
Apply to damp hair. Massage for fifteen minutes to activate color.  Rinse with plenty of water.

Melrose FIRE MOON Tone Correcting and Preserving Color Treatment, by Crystal

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